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    Selling Your Home

    team agentsSelling your house used to involve employing an Estate Agent...it was a must as selling a property was incredibly complicated.  With the coming of the internet, the professionals needed to sell your property are very accessible, there are many helpful guides to help move along the process and most things can be done via email and messaging services before the need to actual signing arises.

    Here are a few pointers:

    Prepare Your Property

    This is the first step and pretty important, as some of the later steps depend on this first, very important stage...you need to dress the place...make it saleable.  Clients will not want to turn up to see clutter, shabby items, dated/broken appliances, stained carpets, broken door handles etc.  They expect to see that you have made at least a basic effort to present a clean, tidy environment to have a look around.  It may not be entirely to their taste, most clients change things and put their own stamp on the decor when they buy.

    Clean the flooring, lick of paint if required - clear up all your gear and make the room look spacious as fresh as it can,

    Time to mention EPC - Energy Performance Certificate 

    Set your Selling Price

    Setting your price is not a case of what you paid for the place, or what you have spent on it, or what you want for it - it is simply the price that similar properties, in similar areas are going for.  Set your price too high and your property will duly sit around on the market awaiting a buyer - too low and people will think there is something wrong...  You can ask local estate agents to come and give you a free valuation - you do not need to sell with them.

    or, if there are other similar properties up for sale, ask the owners if they have had any interest - see what other properties have sold for in the area.

    Describe your Property - Accurately

    Don't write war and peace - a few concise sentences about the rooms, utilities and what features are important and add value. People just want some easy reading.

    Photography - This is what they will see - Make them want to view

    Hans CompetaThis is IMPORTANT - you need to have images which make your property desirable. Your images need to be clear, bright and show your property to its full potential...

    If it's a Rural Property, show off its surroundings, the views, the surrounding land, not forgetting the interior of course. If its a modern, urban property, photos of the state of the art equipment, modern appliances and all the mod cons.  For all properties, a good shot or 2 showing the property from great angles, at least one of each room, a couple of the garden and anything which sets the property apart....

    Aerial Photographs, aerial and interior videos also can add value, especially if the property has great views, fantastic surroundings.

    Of course, you can do all the photography yourself, or maybe it's worth paying a few hundred euros to get a pro or semi-pro to do it...Remember - Your clients will decide to view or not depending on the quality of what they see.

     Listing Your Property

    OK, We have written our description, prepared the home by tidying, de-cluttering, take our photos (or an estate agent has done these things for us) and we are now ready to get our home out there... Fill in our form, upload your photos and we will make sure that your property is marketed to an audience looking for properties like yours.  We don't just put your listing on the website, we seek people out who are looking for property and bring them to your page. We put them in touch with your estate agent (or with you/ or both) and answer any basic enquiries.  We are NOT estate agents - we increase their traffic by bringing relevant people to them... We work hard to get people to our site - we then pass them to you or your estate agent - increasing our chance of a sale..All, for a one-off, small listing fee...

    Arranging Viewings

    This will be organised by Estate Agents if they are involved, otherwise, you control this. People will come, you, or a trusted friend or family member will show them around, giving them information about the place and local area...its not difficult. There are security issues to think of though for one in a million viewer is more interested in your contents than the building...Always better to have 2 people to show people...in my opinion, even if they are just a silent partner.

    Negotiating Your Price

    You have a price set for your property - it is based on the current market, similar properties in the area and what you want from the deal.  The nature of property sales is that buyers want to negotiate...DO NOT make any snap decisions, think about the offers given...Don't give your property away, know what your minimum is for a quick sale... This is a business transaction, however, you can still communicate in a friendly manner. Don't be offended by offers lower than expected, just remain calm and friendly, say you cannot take the offer, however, if they increase it, you may consider...

    If things stay friendly and calm, even without a sale, the clients may come back later with an improved offer and feel comfortable discussing things with you...don't be offended and don't take things personally.

    Accepting an Offer

    An offer has arrived and you are happy with it. First thing is to accept verbally, then confirm it in writing via post or email.  Remember, you have not signed any contract yet... Time to start looking for a legal professional to guide you through the legal obligations and get the end result with as little stress as possible..for all involved.

    Instruct a Solicitor

    team2 narrowYou may have a solicitor already, whom you trust, if not, search for one who can speak your language and maybe has recommendations. The legal process may have many ups and downs and you will need someone who can explain clearly what is happening, what needs to happen and what has been done.  There is no room for misunderstanding because of the language barrier - it's a complicated process - you need someone to explain things simply...


    There can be times when unforeseen issues arise...the buyer may want to renegotiate - look at their concerns, discuss them with your solicitor and let the client know your course of action...you do not have to lower the price to appease them, they may just be trying to reduce the price as low as possible.



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