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    We offer 2 options: 0% or 2% Marketing Options

    See Below

    0% Commission Package

    • Pay a 60€ Listing Fee
    • Send us your property description via email
    • Send us Property Photographs (your own)
    • Deal with buyers/Clients as we refer them (or they contact directly)

    Here is an example - Click Here

    2% Commission Package

    • We write up description
    • We take the photos (not the Pro Photographer)
    • We handle the buyers or interested parties
    • You pay 2% commission + IVA on completion

    Here is an example - Click Here

    Here's How to List Your Property

    Here is a pretty inportant stage - You have to describe your property, accurately, whilst stating all of the positive aspects of the property. Some of the tasks are descriptive and others making sure that the property is shown to the maximim effect...you want to make it desirable to as many potential viewers as possible. Here is a list to consider:-

    • Type of Property - Villa, Townhouse, Apartment
    • Is there a Private Pool, Garage, Garden, Roof Terrace, Electric Gate, Jacuzzi etc
    • How many rooms and floors
    • Local Amenities
    • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - we can help - See Guide
    • Quality Photographs, Aerial Photographs - picture paints a thousand words - See Guide
    • Staging your house - de-clutter, tidy around, revamp tired or worn areas..sometimes just a lick of paint.

    Filling in our Online Form will help prepare your listing - You will be amazed what you can achieve when you are saving 1000's in  traditional estate agent fees.

    Start looking for an independant lawyer, who will deal with the legal processes later - we can recommend some - if you need help - we gain nothing from the sale.

    You have done all in stage one, time for us to get all your information and photos and make an effective and professional looking entry on our web page.

    We will send you a draft of your listing - All you need to do is check that everything matches what you are selling and that you have been accurate with all of the property details.

    Reply to this email to confirm that all is correct. We will then do the following:

    • Make your listing "Live" on the website for all the world to see.
    • Send your listing to our approved Property Portals - these are specialists in their countries.
    • Prepare a "Social Media" Campaign, advertising on Facebook Groups specialising in Property Sales, Twitter, LinkedIn and other smaller social media outlets...this gives a wider audience.
    • Reply to any interested parties/prospective buyers via email...
    • Handle telephone enquiries for a small fee.


    Welcoming viewers to the property is good - we have achieved one of the goals - getting buyers to come and look. It can also be quite daunting as the pressure is on YOU at this crucial moment - dealing with them.

    There are a number of things to consider here and some tips.

    • Make sure the house is ready....
    • If possible, try to have someone else with you - it will give you more confidence.
    • Have facts and figures to hand - how much the bills are every month, best local restaurants, nearest schools, medical facilities, any community fees, any quirks of the property.
    • Be home and ready - not out shopping when they turn up...

    If your not available - we can meet and greet viewers - for a small fee to cover our time and travel expenses if its feasible.

    You have shown some prospective buyers around, some seem interested, others less so. Its now time to wait and see what comes back..There will be many times when you do the work of showing people around the property, with no reward - stay with the plan - it only takes one viewer to like it..when they do, they will likely want a second viewing.

    One of your viewers may make an offer, it may be below asking price, it may be well below the asking price.  By now, you know what you want from the sale, dont be frightened to say NO, in a polite manner.  You can always negotiate with them until you both find some common ground.

    The offer comes that you have waited for. Firstly, accept verbally and state that you will confirm it via email.

    Now comes the legal stuff...a reservation agreement to start with - dont worry - the legal professionals will handle this.

    You have agreed to sell and the buyer to buy. You now need to employ the services of a lawyer - the buyer will do the same.  You need a good lawyer. They will make sure that the sale proceeds, any legal findings are dealt with by the two legal teams and all issues that crop up are agreed by both parties.

    At the end of this stage - contracts will be finalised, signed and the sale completed.

    Please note: Buying property is a complicated business of which this is only a brief introductory guide. It is strongly advisable to get specialist legal advice.

    The end of the process. Well almost...

    Below is a guide for whom pays for what during the sale...

    Buyer and Seller Costs - Guide

    A list of some of the major costs associated with buying, or selling a property in Spain.

    Buyers Costs


    Notary Fees

    Normally 600€ - 1200€

    Property Registry Cost

    Normally 400€ - 700€

    Lawyer or Gestoria Charges

    Normally 300€ - 1200€

    Property Transfer Tax

    Normally 4% - 12%

    IAJD (Stamp Duty)

    Normally 1% - 2% Only on newly built properties

    Sellers Costs


    Estate Agent Costs

    Normally between 3% and 5%

    Captial Gains Tax

    Normally between 19% and 23%

    Income Tax

    Normally 3% (Non Residents only)

    EPC - Energy Performance Certificate

    Between 100€ and 500€ as a guide

    Plus Valia

    The plusvalía is a local (municipal) tax charged by the town hall on properties when they are sold



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