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    Why Professional Property Photography?

    When you are selling your property, it is highly likely that prospective buyers will be influenced by what they see whilst looking in Estate Agents windows or online.  You may have a very special, attractive looking property, however, you need to get your clients to come and view it. 

    If you can capture, in a few photographs, how great your property looks, chances are, you will get the attention of house buyers looking for that "perfect home"...

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    Generally speaking, Professional Property Photography will pay for itself, in the fact that you can show clients what the property has to offer in a set of clear, vivid, effective visuals...

    On the other side of the coin, if your property photos do not have any kind of wow factor, clients may view your property in an agents window, or online - they may never see it in reality.

    Above, is a nice photo of the exterior of a property. The area is tidy and clean, a nice vivid blue sky and a good view of the property. Instantly, you may think that this property is appealing, so the theme needs to be continued with more aspects of the exterior, maybe an aerial photograph or two, as well as some nice interior images.

    Interior images should be bright and clean looking, with the rooms clear of clutter and personal items. Its also important not to show areas that need minor repairs or dated - a lick of paint and TLC to some areas would help. You need to show off all of the properties good points and make it appear unmissable and a must have purchase...

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    Aerial Photography - www.aerialphotos.website

    There are property types where traditional photography cannot capture a good image of the exterior of a property, or capture the surroundings. Aerial photography and videography are available...it can definitely improve chances of a sale and is not as expensive as you might think.





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